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General Communication Etiquette:

Please understand that compensation is for my time only. Therefore I will be unable to respond to inquiries soliciting or asking questions about illegal services


Deposits and travel fees must be paid in advance to secure an appointment. Deposits and travel fees can be paid via cashapp, Venmo, or Vanilla Visa. Memo sections of all digital payments should always be used with discretion. If you need a more discrete deposit method, please inquire at or 313-242-7667 . Deposits always count towards appointment cost.

Payments & Payment methods:

Cash or Cashapp continues to be the easiest and most convenient payment method. Cash payments must always be paid in local currency. In order to ensure our time together is unencumbered, all digital payments must be settled before our date can begin. Memo sections of all digital payments should always be composed  with discretion. Payment in full is expected upon arrival, failure to do so will bring our date to an immediate end.  
I am not accepting crypto currencies at this time. 

Cash Etiquette:
Please, always place cash in a plain, unsealed envelope. At my incall location, please place the envelope on a counter or table in plain view without mentioning it, and then excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands & freshen up. If I’m coming to you, please have the envelope prepared and placed in plain sight in the restroom. For a public meeting, please place the envelope in a greeting card or gift bag. It is considered very ill-mannered to mention or discuss my rates at any time during our date.


A Gentleman should always arrive fresh. If that isn’t possible, a shower and fresh towels will be available at my incall location.

Do you have reviews anywhere?
Yes, you can view my reviews on PrivateDelights.
Would you join me for dinner?  

I would be delighted! The intimacy of a romantic dinner is one of the great pleasures in life, and I adore sharing the pleasures of life. After all, a pleasure shared is a pleasure multiplied.

What should I have for you to drink?

Bottled water is always best during, still or sparkling is fine. If we are planning on sharing dinner, I enjoy a well paired wine. 

Can I extend our date?
If my schedule allows, I am happy to extend our time. If you believe you may want to extend our date, please be sure to have the appropriate consideration on hand.  

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, cashapp, or Venmo. In order to ensure our time together is unencumbered, all payments must be settled before our date can begin.

What screening methods do you employ?

I accept P411, references from recently seen reputable providers, employment verification, and/or passports/IDs. A combination of screening methods may be required. 

Do you offer appointments shorter than one hour?


Do you accept tips or gifts? 

Of course. Cash is always the most convenient and discrete gift. But, if you'd like a more unique idea, I've shared some of my desires below. While I love beautiful flowers, they can be cumbersome while traveling. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Center for Biodiversity or the Environmental Defense Fund. Both charities excel at preserving one of the most beautiful things in the universe, life. 


Other gift ideas:

Amazon Wish list 

What will you wear on our date? Do you accept clothing requests?

Have you seen something beautiful in my photos that you want to experience in person? I love to share my passion for fashion with my admirers. 

After you have passed screening I would love to hear your general preferences, such as, business casual, first date casual, or elegant evening wear. Requests for specific items may require wardrobe/fetish fee. Requests for expensive or unique items may require a security deposit to cover any damage or cleaning costs. 

What if I'm Late? 

If you know you are going to be late, please let me know as soon as possible. I can't guarantee that I will always have the time to extend our date, but I am often able to extend our engagement up to 15 minutes if something unforeseen has occurred. If you haven't notified me that you will be late prior to the start time of our date I will be unable to extend our time together. 

Can I bring toys?

For my safety, and the safety of my clients, I am only able to use my own toys for any contact with my body. For contact with your body, your favorite toys are always welcome.

What happens to my deposit if you have to cancel?

In the unlikely event that I have to cancel our date your cashapp deposit can be refunded, or be used towards a rescheduled date. Unfortunately, deposits paid via gift card are non refundable, but can be used towards a rescheduled date. 

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